Sunday, December 23, 2012

(Ricror) Return to Delera's Tomb

We knew it couldn't be over :)

Chapter 1: The Assassin
You spoke with Hargo, an assassin hired by Delera to take out her political rivals.  You learned that Delera's inner unrest is based on a false claim.  Hargo told Delera he killed the Baron, his wife, and his daughter in an effort to impress her, but in fact, he allowed the Baron's innocent family to escape.  Delera's conscience would surely be eased if she were to learn the truth.

What kind of assassin has a conscience?

Chapter 2: Thrall of the Necromancer
You killed Dreadlord Giddeon, a necromancer and follower of the Blood of Vol.  Freed from his dark commands, Delera and the other souls in the graveyard can rest in peace.

Necromancers are never fun.

Chapter 3: Resolution
After thwarting the necromancer's attempt to imprison Delera, you taked to her ghost and told her the truth regarding the assassin Hargo and the Baron's daughter.

Because of all that questing, Ricror received enough reputation become Noted by House Jorasco.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

(Ricror) Delera's Tomb

The conclusion!

Chapter 3: Free Delera
Even though you managed to free Delera from her unnatural chains, her spirit has not gone back to rest.  As you left her, she kept whispering the name of Hargo Kimmare.  The Church of the Silver Flame believes Delera's spirit is bound to this world by some unfinished business with this individual.

Well, maybe not the conclusion!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

(Ricror) Delera's Tomb

Continuing on with the quest on Elite, we return to Delera's tomb.

Chapter 2: The Missing Party
Using the Holy Weapon from the Church of the Silver Flame, you successfully battled your way through Delera's tomb. You found that the Church of the Silver Flame's last part had been ravaged by the ghost of Delera herself.  Upon hearing the news, the Church's representative asked you to free Delera from the evil force controlling her spirit.

Truth is, I didn't use the Holy Weapon... I had my own :)  We got all the optionals on this one too!

Ricror inside Delera's Tomb

Saturday, December 1, 2012

(Ricror) Delera's Tomb

Continuing our streak of elite quests, the next thing we tackled was Delera's Tomb in House Jorasco.

Chapter 1: The Mystery of Delera's Tomb
At the urging of Derek, the Coin Lord, you explored Delera's Entry.  After defeating a large number of skeletons, you found a mysterious note left behind by a party from the Church of the Silver Flame.  The note, written by the party's cleric, insinuates that an evil force is at work in Delera's Tomb.  Derek was disturbed by the note and told you to talk to Colam Mersein, a representative of the church.

Undead are always fun.

We also did all the optionals:
Slay Omaren Deathguard
Slay Myrmidon Patroclus
Slay Vengeance
Slay Omaren Sentinel
Slay Shade of Destruction
Destroy the Evil Atlar
Slay 40 ghostly skeletons.

Ricror in the Graveyard of Stormreach

Sunday, November 25, 2012

(Ricror) Assault on Splinterskull

Continuing our adventures on Elite, we completed:

Chapter 5: The Deadly Package
You brought ingredients for a deadly poison to Lhor-Tragu, an assassin hidden in Splinterskull.  Unfortunately, he was discovered and killed by the witch doctor Zulkash before he could carry out his mission.

All I can say to that is "oops".

Chapter 6: Doom of the Witch-doctor
In retaliation for the death of Lhor-Tragu, you infiltrated Splinterskull and slew Zulkash, the hobgoblin chief's brother and witch-doctor.  You also destroyed the totem that gave him power.

And all I can say there is "Neener" :)  And then finally...

Chapter 7: The Last Move
While Ungurz's hobgoblins drew away much of Splinterskull's garrison, you broke into the fort one last time and laid low Chief Yarkuch and his war-masters.

That wasn't as easy as it sounds on elite - we managed through, though!  We had a few hirelings and pets along for the battle, so that helped.

Resolution:  Splinterskull has fallen.  Chief Yarkuch lies dead, and Ungurz is now lord of all the hobgoblin clans.  Because of your roll in this, you are now counted as a friend of the Dargull goblinfolk.

Hope they remember that!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

(Ricror) Assault on Splinterskull

Chapter 4: Whisperdoom's Spawn
The spider-mother known as Whisperdoom had been giving her brood to Splinterskull in exchange for prisoners to eat.  You spoiled that alliance by destroying her precious egg sacs.

Side note: on Elite, Whisperdoom was 6 levels above us.  We couldn't hurt her.  We killed 3 of her daughters and 20 egg sacs, but there was no way we were going to get rid of her.

Chapter 5: The Deadly Package
You brought ingredients for a deadly poison to Lhor-Tragu, an assassin hidden in Splinterskull.  Unfortunately, he was discovered and killed by the witch-doctor Zulkash before he could carry out his mission.

Another side note: We did manage to fee a Fleshrender the orcs had caged - which in turn defeated a bunch of orcs.  Since we are going back, figured it might help to thin the enemy a bit :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

(Ricror) Assault on Splinterskull

Chapter 1: First Strike
At the behest of Chief Ungurz, you struck the first blow in the war against his rival Varkuch.  Breaking into the fortress of Splinterskull, you slew twenty of Yarkuch's hobgoblins, scoring an early victory against the garrison there.

Chapter 2: The Hobgoblins' Captives
You rescued the Reach-folk from the dungeons of Splinterskull, allowing them to bring word of Chief Yarkuch's treachery back to the surface.

Chapter 3: Yarkuch's War-plans
You foiled the Skuller's counterattack by infiltrating their fort once ore and stealing the war-plans from their tacticians.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

(Ricror) Tangleroot Gorge

Since we didn't have a whole lot of time left for our gaming day, we just decided to visit all the exploration points and see if we could kill all the rare monsters in the Gorge.

So we did :)

(Ricror) The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

Chapter 2: Halls of Shan-To-Kor

The Kobold's Blockade
You survived the trap-infested Halls of Shan-To-Kor and retrieved the Seal of Shan-To-Kor after defeating its guardian.  You then returned the seal to the surface and brought it to Wayfinder Dael. 

She sent the seal to Sharn, where she promised it would be safely hidden away from the Giants who would use it to reconstitute their terrible empire.

After that, we headed off to Tangleroot Gorge to see what needed to be done!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

(Ricror) The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

Something everyone does in DDO at least once!

Chapter 1: The Cloven-jaw Scourge

The Kobold's Blockade
Wayfinder Dael has asked you to retrieve the Seal of Shan-To-Kor.  She believes the leader of the Cloven-jaw hobgoblins knows of its whereabouts.

To reach the Cloven-jaw tribe, you must first enter the Steam Tunnels.  Somewhere in the depths of these tunnels is a Kobold's Blockade.  You must fight through it to reach the Cloven-jaw hobgoblins on the other side.

Kobodls, spiders, hobgoblins... oh my.  Total deaths: 10.  It was all the spell casters throwing flame strikes around that definitely did us in.  I did manage to level up to 6 on Ricror.

Caverns of Shaagh
Defeat the leader, Hetman Shaagh, and retrieve anything that might reveal how to enter the Halls of Shan-To-Kor.

Total Deaths in our party: 6 (3 each).  Otherwise, we killed 3 Ogres, 3 Hobgoblin Witch Doctors, 2 Large Earth Elementals, 75 Hobgoblin Guards, and 1 Hetman Shaagh.  We grabbed his notes and ran.  Back to town to repair, sell, and think about how we're going to survive the Halls of Shan-To-Kor.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

(Ricror) The Sharn Syndicate - Conclusion

..continuing where we left off last week.

Binds of Blood
Coin Lord Amanatu sent you to stop the Sharn Syndicate's scheme to extort money from merchants by holding their families hostage.

Find and speak to Olistair Binder, the current victim of this scheme.

The Binder Home
You met Olistair Binder, who is being forced to give the Sharn Syndicate hs life savings in order to release his captive family.  Olistair would rather pay you to rescue his family than trust the Syndicate to release them.

On elite, the Binder home has some nasty traps in front of the family member's private rooms' doors.  We hired a rogue to help with that, but we still died at least once each.  We did eventually rescue the entire family, though.

Stolen Property
Coin Lord Amanatu sent you to appease a dragon named Kear.  He's the rightful owner of the Stormreaver Fresco, which Zircon tricked you into helping him steal.

Kear of Argonessen, the rightful owner of the Stormreaver Fresco fragment, told you that Zircon is hiding the fresco in Goldstone Manor.

Payback time!  In addition to the Fresco, he had a bunch of other stolen artwork, which we retrieved with the help of our rogue hireling (he disabled all the traps protecting them)  Oh, and we kicked Zircon's butt, too.  You returned the Fresco to Kear of Argonessen and cleared your name.

Gangs of Stormreach
After helping Coin Lord Amanatu weaken the Sharn Syndicate, their leader in Stormreach is finally exposed.  Amanatu's spymaster, Madhand Mulvaney, has concoted a plan to eliminate Talon Darsin, the Sharn Syndicate Overlord.

Come Out and Slay
Madhand Julvaney told you that the Sharn Syndicate has a set up a meeting to unite all the gangs of Stormreach.  He wants you to infiltrate this meeting and assassinate the Syndicate representative.  The meeting will take place at the Tenements.

We managed to forge an alliance with one of the local gang leaders, so when we put the smack down on Talon, we'd have at least a little muscle.  Even with his help, we died a few times - Elite is NOT a cakewalk through the Tenements (at least not on-level and duo).  We were victorious, however!

Working with Coin Lord Amanatu, you impeded the Sharn Syndicate's various operations in Stormreach.  This forced the Sharn Overlord, Talon Darsin, into the open.  You assassinated him, thereby destroying the Sharn Syndicate's presence in Stormreach once and for all.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

(Ricror) The Sharn Syndicate

Coin Lord Amanatu wants to destroy the Sharn Syndicate's presence in Stormreach. If you want to help with this undertaking, Yorrick Amanatu has tasks for you in the Marketplace.

Well, who wouldn't want to kick the Syndicate out of here?  Except maybe the Syndicate of course!

The Sharn Syndicate underlord, Slab the Crusher, is trying to acquire a base in Stormreach to run his illicit operations from.  However, Coin Lord Amanatu does not want the Sharn Syndicate here and has asked you to stop this.

Slab is currently trying to acquire a building from the Statler brothers, in the southwest part of the Marketplace.

Stand Your Ground
When you heard Maxwell Statler's drunken lament of how the Sharn Syndicate is coming to take his beloved  saloon away, you offered to help him and his brother fight them.

These two quests are tied together, obviously.  We defended the brothers, drove off Slab, and made them quite happy.  Maxwell is now free to pursue his dream of owning a grand saloon in Stormreach.

Coin Lord Amanatu wants you to shut down the Shiny Shilling, a front for the Sharn Syndicate.  Amanatu told you to speak with Guard Kayd, who has been posted to watch the Shiny Shilling.

Dirty Laundry
Guard Kayd told you that the Shiny Shilling is a money laundering front for the Sharn Syndicate.  (in case you forgot in the last 3 minutes)  The Stormreach Guard won't act directly, but Guard Kayd wants you to go in and deal with any illicit activities inside.

Not a problem, even on elite - we even opened the strongroom without alerting the guards :)

(Ricror) Elite Catacombs - Conclusion

Continuing in our elite trek through the Marketplace...

The Patriarchs' Crypt
Following the Archbishop's instructions, you broke into the Patriarchs' Crypt and successfully warded the unbroken sarcophagi against Marguerite.  Just as you warded the last of the graves, Marguerite herself appeared, with an army of her undead minions, and you were forced to flee the Crypt.  Still, Marguerite's power will be severly limited from now on.  Now, someone must confront her directly...

..and guess who that 'someone' is?

And now it all comes down to this:

Archbishop's Daughter
Archbishop Dryden is saved, by your hand.  He had been possessed by the spirit of his uncle, Arkasic, but in the end he forced the wraith from his body for you to slay.  Marguerite, it seems, wanted nothing more than vengeance on her father.  Now that you have destroyed Arkasic's spirit, she has given up the corrupt power of the Duality and her spirit is free.  Friar Renau has praised you as a hero, through you will probably remain an unsung one, since the Church wishes to keep this incident quiet...

Of course they do - wouldn't want the public to know one of their most public Archbishops had been possessed!

Anyway, off to see what other rights need to be wronged!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

(Ricror) Elite Catacombs

Continuing where we left off last night...

To Find a Witness
Chapter 1: Archbishop Dryden
At the request of Friar Renau, you informed Archbishop Dryden that the Sanctuary has been overrun by undead and his daughter is missing. Dryden immediately sent you back to the Sanctuary to search for survivors...
Chapter 2: Return to the Sanctuary
Using the master key supplied by Archbishop Dryden, you gained access to the previously inaccessible areas of the Sanctuary. In Minon's Ward, a wing dedicated to the most irredeemable cases, you found a single survivor, a madman named Fitzwood, who insisted he saw Marguerite commanding the undead who attacked the Sanctuary, and that she has learned to use a power he called "The Duality". Dryden then suggested you continue your search for answers in the Archives located deeper in the Catacombs.

Chapter 1: The Old Archives
Archbishop Dryden sent you to the Library Archives to search for a book about "The Duality", written by Dryden's uncle, Gerard.  You discovered that the Archives have also been overrun by undead, and the librarians have been slaughtered.  You were able to locate pieces of the book, but details about the Duality are apparently forbidden, and may be found at the author's grave...
Chapter 2: The Crypt of Gerard Dryden
At last, you have discovered the truth about the mysterious "Duality".  A corruption of the faith of the Silver Flame, the Duality calls upon the power of the Devourer, one of the Dark Six.  The Duality also promises power 'over the living and the dead' and requires the mortal remains of one strong in the faith of the Flame.  It seems apparent that Marguerite Dryden has tapped into this power and used it to raise the undead that now infest the Catacombs.  All that remains is to find a way to stop her...

And we stopped here for the day.  This is one of the first chains in DDO that tells a very compelling story, in my opinion - it's pretty fun being a part of it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

(Ricror) Elite Waterworks and others

Ricror and Snaris headed into the WaterWorks today, doing everything possible on Elite.

The Lost Seekers
Chapter 1: The Kobold's Den
You found Arlos ar-Kerran and freed him from Clan Gnashtooth's prison.  Arlos then revealed that is brother, Venn, was captured by the Clan Tunnelworm kobolds.

Chapter 2: Venn's Trail
You tracked Venn ar-Kerran to the Clan Tunnelworm prison.  Though the Tunnelworm kobolds killed him before you arrived, you extracted revenge for Venn's family.

After that, we headed over to the Cerulean Hills.  Although we were over level for the area, there were still a couple of quests we could do without penalty.

Where's There's Smoke...
Orcs are preparing to burn Nash Braza's farmstead to the ground.  Slay the orcs and save Nash's farm from a firey ruin.

That we did - and we saved the farmhounds too!

The Captives
Orcs from the Grul tribe have taken Lady Azdel and her bodyguards captive.  Travel to the Grul tribe outpost to the east of the Cerulean Hills and free the captives.

Piece of cake! (Well, mostly - some of those orcs hit hard!)

After that, we returned to Stormreach and began The Catacombs series.  Lots and lots of undead to play with here.

The Friar's Niece
Friar Renau, a priest of the Silver Flame, asked you to check on his niece, Marguerite, who lives in the asylum known as the Sanctuary.  Upon entering the Sanctuary, you found that the place had been overrun by undead, and the inhabitants slaughtered.  A note in Marguertie's cell suggested she may have escaped the carnage by going 'below'.

At this point we called it a night.  We did manage to each level up, and we leveled the Guild as well - we're now Rank 16.  20 is where all the good stuff happens :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

(Ricror) Elite Catchup

We actually had a couple of Harbor Quests left over from our run last month, one of them one of the most annoying quests in the Harbor: Stealthy Repossession.  Let me just say "ugh".

The tally:

Recovering the Lost Tome
Dalsamira Courdry, a high-ranking wizard from the Twelve, asked you to recover a precious tome from a rival.  She was not entirely forthcoming about the dangers you would face - in fact, you were ambused by Dalsamira's enemies as soon as they realized what you were after.  However, you survived the ambush and impressed Dalsamira in the process.

High Intelligence characters needed to disarm traps and to get at a second reward chest at the end.  Since we're both druids, no luck there.

The Smuggler's Warehouse
Fitzpat the Fence told you a story about smuggled gems stashed in a Kobold-ridden warehouse by the docks.  It took a fair bit of smashing, but you fetched the 'glass' gems from the dilapidated warehouse and delivered them to Fitzpat.

Stealthy Repossession
When Lesto Half-Price sold a worthless gem to a Kobold squatter as the 'Dread Eye of Khyber', he thought he'd make a nice profit.  Then other kobolods flocked to worship the Dread Eye.  Now they've turned a derelict building in the Warehouse District into an evil temple to Khyber.  Lesto wants you to steal back the evidence of his mistake! (and only killing a minimum of certain kobolds in the process, I might add.  It's very easy to get swarmed in here, and very very easy to kill the wrong ones).

You stole back the 'Dread Eye of Khyber'.  Now Lesto Half-Price won't be blamed for the kobold religious revival

We moved on to the Marketplace to hit some of the lower level quests while we are still low enough to not get a penalty.

Missing in Action
Descending into the sewer, you searched through a host of troglodytes and kobolds to find that the missing group of adventurers had met with an ill fate.

The Sunken Sewer
You delved inot the depths between the Harbor and found a particularly tough troglodyte holed up in the deepest section.  You dispatched the creature and emerged from the sewer victorious!

Allela did the second one solo - we managed through on Elite :)

Thanks to all that, I acutally hit a couple of reputation levels:
  • The Coin Lords now consider me "Reliable", which gives me another backpack to use.  Considering I'm a pack rat, another pack is always nice!
  • The Free Agents now consider me "Well-known", which gives me access to a few Free Agent specific merchants.  Not that they sell anything I need at the moment, but being well known is cool :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

(Ricror) More Harbor on Elite

We continued our Elite streak today, finishing the Harbor and moving on to the Warehouse District.

Garrison's Missing Pack
You descended into the sewers and confronted the trogolodyte Iss'lar.  Using your cunning and strength, you slew this 'underlord' and retrieved Garrison's precious tools.

Walk the Butcher's Path
You hacked your way through the horde of monsters infesting the Butcher's Path and lived to brag about it.

(Two quest objectives: Slay at least 80 monsters. Survive.)

A Man Named Baudry Cartamon
Chapter 1: Protect Baudry's Interests
You impressed Baudry Cartaman by helping protect his goods from raidig kobolds.  It turns out that the kobolds were hired by a bugbear who operates a rival warehouse in the Harbor. The bugbear, Hazadill Rockgrinder, has ties to a dangerous smuggling ring based out of Khorvaire.

Chapter 2: Stop Hazadill's Shipment
You snuck into Hazadill's warehouse and discovered a huge cache of stolen goods.  By smashing this shipment to splinters, you scuttled Hazadill's plans to sent the illicit cargo to Sharn.

Chapter 3: Retrive the Stolen Goods
You returned to Hazadill's warehouse, defeated his lackeys, and recoved Baudry's stolen property.  You're not sure, but you suspect there may have been a Dragonshard in the container.  Otherwise, why all the fuss?

(Our first introduction to a multi-part quest.  It was actually a pretty simple quest: smash and grab).

The Kobold's New Ringleader
You found and bested Bloodknuckles, the kobolds' new ogre leader.  The Bonebite Tribe should no longer pose a major threat to the harbor.

After all that, we hit level 4.  Just in time for our schedules to be totally out of sync and put the rest of July on hold for gaming in DDO.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

(Ricror) The Harbor on Elite

Ricror and Snaris took to Stormreach Harbor with a vengeance today, tackling every quest on elite, and extending our streak.

Bringing the Light
Find the illicit Gambler's Den in the Harbor, near the Leaky Dinghy Tavern.  Put a stop to the immoral behavior in there by destroying the gambling tables and their criminal guardians.

(even on elite, this one was easy).

Information is Key
You quickly and discreetly procured an artifact desired by a member of House Phiarlan - without asking too many questions.

('Procured', as in 'stole it back'.)

Durk's Got A Secret
You killed the Kobold brothers that Durk told you about, but he's still happy about his 'secret'.  Apparently, everyone's a winner.

(Killed the ooze monster Muck, but didn't get Muckbane.  Dang it - that's a very useful weapon through all levels).

Working for House Kundarak, you helped a Kundarak warder protect a wealthy citizen's most valuable goods.  This required the extermination of a nest of scorpions in the citizen's basement.  How the scorpions got there is something of a mystery.

(very quick - only had to kill 9 scorpions.  On elite, with 4 pets, took about 3 minutes :) )

Sunday, July 1, 2012

(Ricror) - Korthos Island on Elite

Ricror is a newly landed druid - Druids are the latest class to be added to DDO, and I thought I'd give it a shot.  He can transform into a bear, which is... interesting.

Ricror and fellow druid Snaris went through the Korthos Island quests on Elite, the toughest quest level there is (for lowbies anyway).  Among the quests we did were:

The Collaborator
Trusting that you are working against the sahuagin, Sigmund Bauerson told you that someone working with the sahuagin was planning on ransacking his tavern. This collaborator turned out to be Jacoby Drexelhand.  When he and the sahuagin showed up, you defeated them all and protected the Wavecrest Tavern.

Necromancer's Doom
When Drusen d'Jorasco was kidnapped by the now-undead Jacoby Drexelhand, you once again foiled Drexelhand's plans.  Hopefully this time, that traitor will stay dead.

Heyton's Rest
You prevented the Devourer's minions from rasing the deceased Heytons as undead slaves.  Even though we were looking for him, we did not find Lars Hayton in the crypt.

When Ursa Jernsvard told you that Lars Heyton was alive, you set out to find him.  You tracked him to his hidden retreat, foiled a sahuagin trap, and convinced Lars to help protect Korthos.

Misery's Peak
With Lars Heyton's help, you have freed the ice dragon from the controlling infulence of the Mind Flayer.  With it gone, the people of Korthos have a fighting chance to free themselves from the Devourer Sahuagin.

To Stormreach
...and like magic, the snows stopped.  "Savior of Korthos!" they cheer as you return.  But Destiny has greater plans for you than just this small village.

And now, he's in Stormreach, ready to face the adventures that await!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Alella) The Sunken Sewer - RP

Wandering through the Marketplace in Stormreach, Alella passed a woman in the alley across from the Rusty Nail.  Rather than entering the pub, she stopped to introduce herself, hoping to make a new friend.

"My name is Aurla Courson.  Rumors are swirling about a powerful troglodyte who has taken up residence in the Stormreach sewers, and who has somehow convinced the kobolds to follow his orders. The last thing we need is love and goodwill between trogs and kobolds.  Will you hunt down this troglodyte and kill it?"

Alella nodded.  "I will try".

"Thank you.  Watch your step while you're down there."  She pointed to a nearby sewer hatch.  "The City Guard set hundreds of traps back in the days when the sewers were boiling over with evil and the good folk of Stormreach were few.  Those traps are now more dangerous to adventurers than to the monsters who've learned to avoid them."

Alella nodded again.  "I will be careful.  I'll be back soon!".

She headed to the hatch and lifted it.  Waves of noxious odors floated up.  Holding her breath, she grabbed the rope ladder and slid down.  To her right was a metal gate, and to her left was an opening through which a nasty colored stream flowed, emptying into a grate in the floor at her feet.  Well, it was a sewer after all.  Trying the gate and finding it locked, Alella climbed up the rubble to the left and struggled through the swiftly flowing sewage.

After a short trek, she found a dry passage, shook herself off, and headed on.  Rounding a corner, she found herself ambushed by a trio of kobolds.  It wasn't much work to defeat them.  Finding nothing of use on their corpses, she moved on.  It didn't take long to find the first trap mentioned by Aurla.  Vents spewed noxious fumes into the tunnel, and there didn't seem to be a way to disrput their flow.  Ducking her head, and wrapping her hands in some of the rags the kobolds left behind, she ran as fast as possible to the end of the hall.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Roberto) From Beyond the Grave

Deathshadow, a slain necromancer, has returned from the grave as the wraith called Deathshade.  He's amassing an army of undead to avenge his demise at the hands of Stormreach's heroes.  You must prevent him from gaining entry to Delara's Graveyard!

Roberto and Lunaten brought some hirelings along for this task.  A cleric, a paladin, and two fighters.  The quest objectives were simple - light the 4 funeral pyres in Penitent's Rest to bring Deathshade out, while keeping his army of undead away from the gate.  Armed with my chaotic good cold touch longsword, I took two of the hirelings with me to light the pyres, while Lunaten stayed behind, casting wall of fire to incinerate the undead as they approached the gate.

Since it actually took time to light the pyres (something like 30 seconds), having the hirelings with me to watch my back was a good idea.  Splitting up was also a good idea.  The quest was rated as a 'medium' length, but it didn't take us longer than about 7 minutes to light the fires, defeat Deathshade, loot his treasure, and return to the woman who asked us to do all this.

You kept the gates secured while the funeral pyres were lit.  Sensing your presence, Deathshade appeared and was defeated.

Best quote from one of the hirelings:

Norax Silversmith says, "Looks like today's work will pay off well.  Not a bad way to make a living, eh?"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

(Thrid) Taming the Flames

Master Fulvio, a powerful but careless wizard, was trapped by fire elementals while exploring a cavern deep beneath Stormreach.   His colleague, Master Thorpe, sent a Scroll of Planar Binding to help Fulvio finish his studies, but the courier carrying the scroll has vanished!  Descend into the Scorched Cavern, find the missing Scroll of Planar Binding, and bring it safely to Master Fulvio.

For this quest, Arredin and Thrid added four hirelings to the group, because we knew that we wouldn't be able to go it alone.  A couple of clerics, a Mage, and a Fighter, to be exact.

The first part of the quest is straightforward.  We fought our way through the Fire Elementals to where Master Fulvio was working.   We got there, and we found out that the Scroll had been stolen by some madman, Calefax.  We had to fight our way back through the tunnels to unlock the protected door the madman had put up to shield himself.  Not sure what he wanted to do with the scroll himself, but there you go.  Made our way back to the (now unshielded door), put the smackdown on Calefax, grabbed the Scroll, and went back to Master Fulvio.

You discovered that the courier was intercepted by the mad mage Calefax. After a brief but intense battle, you killed Calefax and delivered the scroll to Master Fulvio. Thanks to you, the old wizard will be able to finish his studies

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome! Got your d20?

Welcome to my new blog.  I thought I'd try blogging about my DDO adventures here, as the blogging tools provided by Turbine don't really fit my style.

The format of the entries will be pretty straightforward.  The title will contain the name of (the primary character) and the name of the adventure.  The text of the entry will include game text, my own running commentary, and occasionally, when I feel creative enough, an actual in character journal.

Could be fun - could be a disaster.  We'll see what happens!