Saturday, August 11, 2012

(Ricror) Elite Catchup

We actually had a couple of Harbor Quests left over from our run last month, one of them one of the most annoying quests in the Harbor: Stealthy Repossession.  Let me just say "ugh".

The tally:

Recovering the Lost Tome
Dalsamira Courdry, a high-ranking wizard from the Twelve, asked you to recover a precious tome from a rival.  She was not entirely forthcoming about the dangers you would face - in fact, you were ambused by Dalsamira's enemies as soon as they realized what you were after.  However, you survived the ambush and impressed Dalsamira in the process.

High Intelligence characters needed to disarm traps and to get at a second reward chest at the end.  Since we're both druids, no luck there.

The Smuggler's Warehouse
Fitzpat the Fence told you a story about smuggled gems stashed in a Kobold-ridden warehouse by the docks.  It took a fair bit of smashing, but you fetched the 'glass' gems from the dilapidated warehouse and delivered them to Fitzpat.

Stealthy Repossession
When Lesto Half-Price sold a worthless gem to a Kobold squatter as the 'Dread Eye of Khyber', he thought he'd make a nice profit.  Then other kobolods flocked to worship the Dread Eye.  Now they've turned a derelict building in the Warehouse District into an evil temple to Khyber.  Lesto wants you to steal back the evidence of his mistake! (and only killing a minimum of certain kobolds in the process, I might add.  It's very easy to get swarmed in here, and very very easy to kill the wrong ones).

You stole back the 'Dread Eye of Khyber'.  Now Lesto Half-Price won't be blamed for the kobold religious revival

We moved on to the Marketplace to hit some of the lower level quests while we are still low enough to not get a penalty.

Missing in Action
Descending into the sewer, you searched through a host of troglodytes and kobolds to find that the missing group of adventurers had met with an ill fate.

The Sunken Sewer
You delved inot the depths between the Harbor and found a particularly tough troglodyte holed up in the deepest section.  You dispatched the creature and emerged from the sewer victorious!

Allela did the second one solo - we managed through on Elite :)

Thanks to all that, I acutally hit a couple of reputation levels:
  • The Coin Lords now consider me "Reliable", which gives me another backpack to use.  Considering I'm a pack rat, another pack is always nice!
  • The Free Agents now consider me "Well-known", which gives me access to a few Free Agent specific merchants.  Not that they sell anything I need at the moment, but being well known is cool :)