Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Alella) The Sunken Sewer - RP

Wandering through the Marketplace in Stormreach, Alella passed a woman in the alley across from the Rusty Nail.  Rather than entering the pub, she stopped to introduce herself, hoping to make a new friend.

"My name is Aurla Courson.  Rumors are swirling about a powerful troglodyte who has taken up residence in the Stormreach sewers, and who has somehow convinced the kobolds to follow his orders. The last thing we need is love and goodwill between trogs and kobolds.  Will you hunt down this troglodyte and kill it?"

Alella nodded.  "I will try".

"Thank you.  Watch your step while you're down there."  She pointed to a nearby sewer hatch.  "The City Guard set hundreds of traps back in the days when the sewers were boiling over with evil and the good folk of Stormreach were few.  Those traps are now more dangerous to adventurers than to the monsters who've learned to avoid them."

Alella nodded again.  "I will be careful.  I'll be back soon!".

She headed to the hatch and lifted it.  Waves of noxious odors floated up.  Holding her breath, she grabbed the rope ladder and slid down.  To her right was a metal gate, and to her left was an opening through which a nasty colored stream flowed, emptying into a grate in the floor at her feet.  Well, it was a sewer after all.  Trying the gate and finding it locked, Alella climbed up the rubble to the left and struggled through the swiftly flowing sewage.

After a short trek, she found a dry passage, shook herself off, and headed on.  Rounding a corner, she found herself ambushed by a trio of kobolds.  It wasn't much work to defeat them.  Finding nothing of use on their corpses, she moved on.  It didn't take long to find the first trap mentioned by Aurla.  Vents spewed noxious fumes into the tunnel, and there didn't seem to be a way to disrput their flow.  Ducking her head, and wrapping her hands in some of the rags the kobolds left behind, she ran as fast as possible to the end of the hall.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Roberto) From Beyond the Grave

Deathshadow, a slain necromancer, has returned from the grave as the wraith called Deathshade.  He's amassing an army of undead to avenge his demise at the hands of Stormreach's heroes.  You must prevent him from gaining entry to Delara's Graveyard!

Roberto and Lunaten brought some hirelings along for this task.  A cleric, a paladin, and two fighters.  The quest objectives were simple - light the 4 funeral pyres in Penitent's Rest to bring Deathshade out, while keeping his army of undead away from the gate.  Armed with my chaotic good cold touch longsword, I took two of the hirelings with me to light the pyres, while Lunaten stayed behind, casting wall of fire to incinerate the undead as they approached the gate.

Since it actually took time to light the pyres (something like 30 seconds), having the hirelings with me to watch my back was a good idea.  Splitting up was also a good idea.  The quest was rated as a 'medium' length, but it didn't take us longer than about 7 minutes to light the fires, defeat Deathshade, loot his treasure, and return to the woman who asked us to do all this.

You kept the gates secured while the funeral pyres were lit.  Sensing your presence, Deathshade appeared and was defeated.

Best quote from one of the hirelings:

Norax Silversmith says, "Looks like today's work will pay off well.  Not a bad way to make a living, eh?"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

(Thrid) Taming the Flames

Master Fulvio, a powerful but careless wizard, was trapped by fire elementals while exploring a cavern deep beneath Stormreach.   His colleague, Master Thorpe, sent a Scroll of Planar Binding to help Fulvio finish his studies, but the courier carrying the scroll has vanished!  Descend into the Scorched Cavern, find the missing Scroll of Planar Binding, and bring it safely to Master Fulvio.

For this quest, Arredin and Thrid added four hirelings to the group, because we knew that we wouldn't be able to go it alone.  A couple of clerics, a Mage, and a Fighter, to be exact.

The first part of the quest is straightforward.  We fought our way through the Fire Elementals to where Master Fulvio was working.   We got there, and we found out that the Scroll had been stolen by some madman, Calefax.  We had to fight our way back through the tunnels to unlock the protected door the madman had put up to shield himself.  Not sure what he wanted to do with the scroll himself, but there you go.  Made our way back to the (now unshielded door), put the smackdown on Calefax, grabbed the Scroll, and went back to Master Fulvio.

You discovered that the courier was intercepted by the mad mage Calefax. After a brief but intense battle, you killed Calefax and delivered the scroll to Master Fulvio. Thanks to you, the old wizard will be able to finish his studies

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome! Got your d20?

Welcome to my new blog.  I thought I'd try blogging about my DDO adventures here, as the blogging tools provided by Turbine don't really fit my style.

The format of the entries will be pretty straightforward.  The title will contain the name of (the primary character) and the name of the adventure.  The text of the entry will include game text, my own running commentary, and occasionally, when I feel creative enough, an actual in character journal.

Could be fun - could be a disaster.  We'll see what happens!