Sunday, December 1, 2013

(Roberto) Eveningstar: Murder and Abduction!

Murder by Night
The Head Priest of the hospital where the war wounded are being treated has been murdered. 

Turns out, even the wounded vets can't catch a break.  There was an outbreak of lycanthropy - the healers became werewolves, and pretty much generated a lot of fear and chaos.  We beat the alpha male, though, and a a big chunk of the pack, so they should be good for a while.

The Riddle
Ingval Muth has asked you to find the War Wizard Barthand, who disappeared suddenly while investigating troubled dreams in the village of Eveningstar.  Barthand was last seen near a hole leading to a dank cave in Eveningstar.  Go there and do your best to locate him.

Barthand had been caught by some Night Hags, and turned into a toadstool.  We rescued him, fought off a bunch of hags, including the main hag herself - who was looking for something called the Thread of the Weave.  Apparently she, and the other hags, were thinking that clues could be found in peoples' dreams.  Guess she'll never know now!