Sunday, July 8, 2012

(Ricror) More Harbor on Elite

We continued our Elite streak today, finishing the Harbor and moving on to the Warehouse District.

Garrison's Missing Pack
You descended into the sewers and confronted the trogolodyte Iss'lar.  Using your cunning and strength, you slew this 'underlord' and retrieved Garrison's precious tools.

Walk the Butcher's Path
You hacked your way through the horde of monsters infesting the Butcher's Path and lived to brag about it.

(Two quest objectives: Slay at least 80 monsters. Survive.)

A Man Named Baudry Cartamon
Chapter 1: Protect Baudry's Interests
You impressed Baudry Cartaman by helping protect his goods from raidig kobolds.  It turns out that the kobolds were hired by a bugbear who operates a rival warehouse in the Harbor. The bugbear, Hazadill Rockgrinder, has ties to a dangerous smuggling ring based out of Khorvaire.

Chapter 2: Stop Hazadill's Shipment
You snuck into Hazadill's warehouse and discovered a huge cache of stolen goods.  By smashing this shipment to splinters, you scuttled Hazadill's plans to sent the illicit cargo to Sharn.

Chapter 3: Retrive the Stolen Goods
You returned to Hazadill's warehouse, defeated his lackeys, and recoved Baudry's stolen property.  You're not sure, but you suspect there may have been a Dragonshard in the container.  Otherwise, why all the fuss?

(Our first introduction to a multi-part quest.  It was actually a pretty simple quest: smash and grab).

The Kobold's New Ringleader
You found and bested Bloodknuckles, the kobolds' new ogre leader.  The Bonebite Tribe should no longer pose a major threat to the harbor.

After all that, we hit level 4.  Just in time for our schedules to be totally out of sync and put the rest of July on hold for gaming in DDO.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

(Ricror) The Harbor on Elite

Ricror and Snaris took to Stormreach Harbor with a vengeance today, tackling every quest on elite, and extending our streak.

Bringing the Light
Find the illicit Gambler's Den in the Harbor, near the Leaky Dinghy Tavern.  Put a stop to the immoral behavior in there by destroying the gambling tables and their criminal guardians.

(even on elite, this one was easy).

Information is Key
You quickly and discreetly procured an artifact desired by a member of House Phiarlan - without asking too many questions.

('Procured', as in 'stole it back'.)

Durk's Got A Secret
You killed the Kobold brothers that Durk told you about, but he's still happy about his 'secret'.  Apparently, everyone's a winner.

(Killed the ooze monster Muck, but didn't get Muckbane.  Dang it - that's a very useful weapon through all levels).

Working for House Kundarak, you helped a Kundarak warder protect a wealthy citizen's most valuable goods.  This required the extermination of a nest of scorpions in the citizen's basement.  How the scorpions got there is something of a mystery.

(very quick - only had to kill 9 scorpions.  On elite, with 4 pets, took about 3 minutes :) )

Sunday, July 1, 2012

(Ricror) - Korthos Island on Elite

Ricror is a newly landed druid - Druids are the latest class to be added to DDO, and I thought I'd give it a shot.  He can transform into a bear, which is... interesting.

Ricror and fellow druid Snaris went through the Korthos Island quests on Elite, the toughest quest level there is (for lowbies anyway).  Among the quests we did were:

The Collaborator
Trusting that you are working against the sahuagin, Sigmund Bauerson told you that someone working with the sahuagin was planning on ransacking his tavern. This collaborator turned out to be Jacoby Drexelhand.  When he and the sahuagin showed up, you defeated them all and protected the Wavecrest Tavern.

Necromancer's Doom
When Drusen d'Jorasco was kidnapped by the now-undead Jacoby Drexelhand, you once again foiled Drexelhand's plans.  Hopefully this time, that traitor will stay dead.

Heyton's Rest
You prevented the Devourer's minions from rasing the deceased Heytons as undead slaves.  Even though we were looking for him, we did not find Lars Hayton in the crypt.

When Ursa Jernsvard told you that Lars Heyton was alive, you set out to find him.  You tracked him to his hidden retreat, foiled a sahuagin trap, and convinced Lars to help protect Korthos.

Misery's Peak
With Lars Heyton's help, you have freed the ice dragon from the controlling infulence of the Mind Flayer.  With it gone, the people of Korthos have a fighting chance to free themselves from the Devourer Sahuagin.

To Stormreach
...and like magic, the snows stopped.  "Savior of Korthos!" they cheer as you return.  But Destiny has greater plans for you than just this small village.

And now, he's in Stormreach, ready to face the adventures that await!