Sunday, November 25, 2012

(Ricror) Assault on Splinterskull

Continuing our adventures on Elite, we completed:

Chapter 5: The Deadly Package
You brought ingredients for a deadly poison to Lhor-Tragu, an assassin hidden in Splinterskull.  Unfortunately, he was discovered and killed by the witch doctor Zulkash before he could carry out his mission.

All I can say to that is "oops".

Chapter 6: Doom of the Witch-doctor
In retaliation for the death of Lhor-Tragu, you infiltrated Splinterskull and slew Zulkash, the hobgoblin chief's brother and witch-doctor.  You also destroyed the totem that gave him power.

And all I can say there is "Neener" :)  And then finally...

Chapter 7: The Last Move
While Ungurz's hobgoblins drew away much of Splinterskull's garrison, you broke into the fort one last time and laid low Chief Yarkuch and his war-masters.

That wasn't as easy as it sounds on elite - we managed through, though!  We had a few hirelings and pets along for the battle, so that helped.

Resolution:  Splinterskull has fallen.  Chief Yarkuch lies dead, and Ungurz is now lord of all the hobgoblin clans.  Because of your roll in this, you are now counted as a friend of the Dargull goblinfolk.

Hope they remember that!

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